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Another great series and more interesting information.

Free bird

ganda ng barong nya a, makabili nga rin ng ganyan hehehe


Would love to go on a walking tour with him, he indeed sounds crazy fun. Am enjoying the updates.


Beautiful shots specially the second one.


Salut !
Et je dois avouer que j´aimerais bien faire un tour avec lui :)
Elisa, Argentine


A compelling comment and accompanying pictures make the viewer want to hear this interesting fellow in person. Fine post today.


Excellent documentary expressive and animated. Bravo!


Thanks to you, a tour with Cedran is a must for me when I visit Pinas.


very animated guy. i have not yet "walked" with him but hopefully soon.

ivan mandy is also excellent.

Andrei Barbu

Beautiful series! I like the perspective of your images! Great presentation in images of Carlos Celdran! Excellent work!

joshi daniel

you always bring to us so different and new stories!

dodong flores

I like how you photographed Carlos Celdran. And I'm so amazed that you were able to convince him to be photographed. I've heard that most walking tour guides don't want to be photographed...


Carlos sure is getting more and more popular. 2 years ago we planned on joining his tours..but what a cheap bunch we were, lol! :D

great photos Sidney

Pavan Kaul

Carlos must be very pleased with you for these wonderful pictures!


Une très belle série de portraits!


Cultural activist: I like that.

fortuitous faery

Schools should consider him a part of field trips because they'll have more fun learning about Philippine history from him than from their books and teachers! :P


Excellent portrait ou l'on apprend beaucoup de choses.


"If you want to change the way Manila looks, start by changing the way you look at Manila"

I like that. It could be true for a lot of places. One you start having a different outlook and perspective on places and on people, you just can't judge the same.


More amazing shots of him, and learning so much more about him thanks for this


we need more of him.. :) very nice shots.. :)


There is a glow on his face like the glow of a righteous man.

Charles Dastodd

sounds like he is very informed! i can see why his love of Manila would be so infections :) helps to have someone with that kind of enthusiasm!

Photo Cache

I think the Dep Ed should adopt his tours as part of the curiculum. He makes history fun to learn. I am sure the kids would love to have this tour as a supplemental learning aid in their history classes?


Every city should deserve a Carlos Celdran. If i had the same talents, i should consider being the Carlos Celdran of my city :)

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